Logis Financial Statements

An essential tool.

Logis is an automated add-on solution to CaseWare Workings Papers used to generate financial statements, letters and support documents you need to fulfill your mandates.

Used by more than 7350 users and more than 650 CPA offices, Logis is user-friendly, and known for its versatility, rigour and ease of use. With Logis, you will quickly generate financial statements with astonishing ease.

Designed for CPAs
by CPAs

Logis Financial Statements are…


This application is all about efficiency—designed to reduce user steps to an absolute minimum. You get simple, flawless entry of client data in CaseWare Working Papers with reports automatically posted to Logis Financial Statements and the various CaseView worksheets. A fully-automated application that will save you time producing files and financial statements.


Designed for CPAs by CPAs to integrate seamlessly into your work. Numerous options give you exactly the financial presentations you and your clients are looking for. Select the type of account, legal entity, and language of your financial statements. There’s a world of possibilities to explore just a few clicks away.


The interface is structured logically and efficiently so users can be off and running after just one day’s training. That spells trouble-free migration of your files to CaseWare Working Papers and Logis Financial Statements with near-effortless take-up.

Up-to-date and compliant

Updates are made frequently to add new features to help you comply with the CPA Canada Handbook disclosure requirements.


Logis Financial Statements can put your firm’s own distinct stamp on financial statements. Take advantage of over 700 options to customize the appearance as well as the terminology of your financial statements.


If you wish to learn more about our powerful Logis financial statements, please contact us for a demonstration, either online without any obligation.