Paradigme Questionnaires

The best tools for enhancing the quality and performance of your certification process.

Automated Assurance Process

Designed according to the Paradigme Normalisation certification method and automated by Logis using CaseView, the questionnaires offer clear benefits for fulfilling your engagements:

Enhanced quality using Paradigme’s simple and precise method;
Improved efficiency thanks to programming by Logis that integrates questionnaires with your clients’ data using CaseWare Working Papers.

Smart, Well-Designed Questionnaires

The interaction between the questionnaires and the data from CaseWare Working Papers optimizes assurance engagement processes by:

Linking questionnaires to working papers in the CaseWare Working Papers document manager;
Automatically posting financial statement and audit balance data to the right questionnaires and to the relevant sections of each questionnaire;
Removing entire questionnaire sections when they aren’t relevant to your specific file.

In short, Paradigme’s smart questionnaires adapt to the specific nature of each file!

Multiple Benefits for Your Business

Paradigme questionnaires:

Are programs designed using the CaseView software, which adapt to both paper and paperless files;
Offer SMEs a simplified method, designed for the sole practitioner as well as large CPA firms;
Focus on the essentials to keep your professional staff from getting sidetracked with unnecessary tasks;
Integrate CPA Canada Handbook requirements and are continuously updated to reflect changes to standards;
Are continuous improvement tools that include new features to help you achieve your goals.

Paradigme questionnaires: Targeted solutions geared to streamlining the work of your professional staff and helping them continuously improve their knowledge base!